To the masters of Bruno, Tuffy and so on and so forth, in this article, here is a list of the best diets for your dog. Dogs have been our pets and our faithful friends since the start of time. The body mechanism of Dogs is indeed very different from ours, hence their diet is also different and you need to get the best food for your dog which depends on the breed.

Beginner’s Choice for Best Diets for Your Dog

The dogs at their tender age when their paws are soft, can start to feed on milk and bread. With milk, the tender being will definitely acquire calcium and from bread, dogs will attain carbohydrates for energy to play, hop, roam about and definitely to jump high to catch hold of the Frisbees. Vegetables can be started after some days. Vegetables like potatoes and spinach can be given with a good serve of lentils as best diets for Dog.

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Raw diet for Your Dog

Raw diet can even contain raw meat and some dairy products like Yoghurt. Raw diets help the dog to have higher energy, shinier and silkier fur and a much healthy and fit body and skin thus keeping your dog healthy. However, some veterinarians are totally against raw diet for dogs since veterinarians believe that raw meat contains bacteria and fleas which contaminate the food and can adversely affect the health of your dog.

Home cooked diet for Your Dog

Home cooked diet typically contains rice, bread, vegetables and all those food items which the masters’ family also consume on a daily basis. The veterinarians recommend more of home cooked food than raw diet because they believe that home cooked food is cleaner than raw diet and much more nutritious and also provide much more energy as they are rich in carbohydrates thus providing for better health of the dog. Therefore, it is basically a tug of war between Home cooked diet and Raw diet to be the best diets for your dog.

Dry diet for Your Dog

Pedigree, a ready-made food for animals, made by Pedigree Pet foods, a subsidiary of the American group Mars, is the most popular Dry food available for dogs in the market. Pedigree says to provide the dog with better digestion, healthier skin and overall development. So it is suggested by veterinarians for modern family dogs where homemade food cannot be made available regularly, as it appears to be a suitable substitute.

Diets which are a BIG NO for Your Dog

Grapes should not be given to dogs as it has been seen that in the long run grapes cause fatal kidney failure in dogs. Chocolates and candy a delicacy to humans are a big no for dogs as they cause fatal liver failure, it also causes coordination problems leading to severe health problems in dogs and in certain cases may even lead to painful death. Alcohols, coffee, tea should be kept at a safe distance from dogs for their healthy life since they can even draw your dog into coma.

These are some of the best diets for your dog to keep them healthy and fit.