What countries make gun safes?

You all must be aware that some countries in the world allow citizens to possess a gun only after, they have fulfilled the necessary requirements that are needed to own a gun.

However, there are many instances where licensed gun has been stolen and misused for illegal actions putting the law & order in the country at stake. We all know that such illegal actions must be stopped ensuring the law and order in the country must be maintained at the highest level. If you do not know what countries make gun safes, only few of them have done it to make sure that all citizens have a protective storage for their firearms and ammunition.

In order to make sure that the law is adhered in these countries, they have also given legal provisions to the manufacturers in their states to produce gun safes so that it is readily available to its people.

In many countries, there are strict rules & regulations about storing firearms in gun safes. In order to make sure that its citizens abide by the law the nation’s government also encourages its manufacturers to produce gun safes also called gun storage containers to ensure that gun safes are available to its local citizens easily. So, what countries make gun safes?


You all must be aware that United States known for its economic and military power. Likewise its cultural imprint spans the world. The U.S.A is one of those nations that have a gun storage law. This law has not been completely enforced in all the states. However, twenty-seven states have gun storage laws that are designed to protect children from accessing guns. Hence, we see many gun safe manufacturers available in the U.S.A that manufacture’s gun safes meeting international standards.


Unlike U.S.A, it has a firearms regulation from the year 1974, which is in the respect of security storage. It requires a person that is entitled to possess firearm or ammunition off any kind to store away any firearms in gun safes, also called gun storages, as per the regulation mentioned above. This country also encourages its manufacturers to make gun safes.


Even in Ireland, anyone applying for a gun license needs to have a gun safe, as per the firearms regulations from the year 2009. You can also find gun safes being manufactured there as well.

Well these are few of the countries that make gun safes. I believe this article is helpful for you to know “what countries make gun safes.”

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Earlier this morning, Storify announced that they were releasing a free iPad app. I’ve downloaded it, and these are my first impressions.

The app works in landscape mode only. Getting to the login screen means typing in your username and password slightly confusing for me because Ive always logged in via twitter since the beta version. Having tried all the possible iterations of my twitter password I then had to do a password reset to my email in order to get in this might just be me being forgetful, but those of you whove associated your twitter account with Storify may also hit this problem.


Anyway once you’re in you get access to all your Storify stories in a nice gallery view. You can edit them all from here, but I thought I’d create a short story just for this review.

The page for composing your story is similar enough, with the familiar tabs of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and browser links available for you to run searches in.

The only difference between the desktop version is that there isn’t a tab for Google content, which normally pulls out web searches, news and images. I never use that tab, but worth bearing in mind.

Once you tap on any of these, its very much like the desktop version. You can filter tweets by user, search and images, and the drag and drop interface makes it really easy to quickly create the story. Interestingly the iPad app also has one feature that the desktop version doesn’t the ability to tweet from your own account while inside the app.

Pulling content from Flickr and YouTube is similarly pain-free, once you’ve run a search just pick up a piece of content by tapping and holding and then moving it over to the desired area on your story.

I can see the iPad app being incredibly useful for a couple of reasons.

The first obvious one is conference use. iPads are already ubiquitous at conferences they’re better for tweeting and note taking than a smartphone without being as cumbersome as a laptop.

But because the iPad apps drag and drop interface is so intuitive, you’d easily be able to collect together content in the break between a conference session. Ive already written a few blog posts entirely in Storify, and I think this will only increase that trend.

The second obvious use is news coverage combined with mobile journalism. If you’re out and about covering an event with your smartphone taking photos, video, live tweeting, its now really easy to just sling an iPad in your bag for some post-event curation in a nearby coffee shop. Again, getting rid of that laptop.

Once youve finished your story, youre presented with the publish screen which thankfully has all the functionality of the desktop app publishing to Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to @ reply anyone whos been quoted in your story.

Maybe the announcement wasn’t as big as some people were expecting. It wasn’t an acquisition like some were predicting, but the Storify iPad app stands on its own two feet.

It has a few bugs (it crashed several times when swiping between stories) but thats to be expected from an app thats just been released.

In the long run thisll mean only good things for Storify capturing a particularly savvy audience of content creators while theyre on the move and giving people yet another reason to ditch their laptops in favour of an iPad when theyre covering events.

Heres my finished story that I made on my iPad in about 5 minutes:…

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