Cuban cigars are loved all over the world, and any cigar connoisseur will actually swear by his Havana cigar to do anything extraordinary. Cuban cigars happen to be much bigger than standard cigars, which often makes smokers confused about how they can smoke such a bigger sized unit. However, although they are bigger in size, smoking them can be easy. Here are some useful steps to help you smoke these cigars.

Hold it properly

You have to hold it between your index and middle finger. As this is a bigger-sized cigar, you have to take care that it does not drop from your hands. Remember not to bite your Cuban cigar. This will make more amount of tobacco get in your teeth, leaving a bad taste in your mouth. It will also end up damaging your cigar. Cutting or biting a lot of the cap will make the cigar come off.

Light it well

It is preferable that you use a torch lighter. Briefly light the cigar’s foot, and rotate the cigar as you hold the lighter flame to it.

Draw small puffs

Drawing on a Cuban cigar means that you can puff too much smoke if you pull too hard. This is because these are bigger in size than normal cigars. When you take small puffs, you can avoid overwhelming smoke entering your lungs and choking on it. Although some smokers like to puff hard on a Cuban cigar, that is not advisable. As you continue smoking these cigars more and more, you will familiarize yourself with the kind of pressure that suits you the best. As a thumb rule, you should puff a good cigar only once every minute.

Smoke it properly

Do not keep holding a Cuban cigar in your mouth, as it will cause the saliva in your tongue to wet the cigar. While not holding it between the middle and index finger, hold it with the lit section pointed downward. It will keep your cigar lit, and help avoid relighting. If you relight again and again, the cigar will give you a too strong taste for your comfort. Put it in a cigar ashtray, and keep the cigar rested not on the lit end but on its side. Do not ash it too often as it can make the cigar burn very hot. It is best to tap the ash off when you find that the ash is around 1 inch long. Afterwards store it in a proper humidor for best usage later.